You are what you eat

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Carol Miller
  • 56th Mission Support Group
"You are what you eat."

This is a generic statement or a notion. It implies that if you eat healthy, you will be healthy. But how true is this in the world today?

What we eat, drink, wear, drive and buy is often an attempt to construct a social identity. It lets others know who we are and lets us imagine who we want to be. Sometimes that helps us make healthy choices and sometimes it leads us astray. Staying healthy and making the right choices doesn't happen by accident. It is the product of applying core values to our everyday life.

What is the basis of your social identity construction? Core values should be the basis of all our actions, choices and decisions. The Air Force core values serve as the foundation of our military professional and personal lives. We all have individual values we ascribe to, but integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do are so simple and indispensable.

Being deputy group commander for the 56th Mission Support Group is the most amazing job I've ever had. Every day I watch Airmen do remarkable things. They remind me of the importance of our profession, the oath we took and the demands placed upon us. The Air Force core values are the basis of our beliefs and words we must live by.

The most difficult decisions often involve conflicting values in personal and professional life. But by making positive changes, our life can be as simple as applying the Air Force core values. Is the action in line with the Air Force core values? Does it serve a greater purpose?

To rephrase the metaphor "You are what you eat," ask yourself, "Am I a reflection of the Air Force core values?" The Air Force core values will serve you well in your professional career and your personal life.