National Children’s Dental Health Month

LUKE AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz. -- The 56th Dental Squadron is celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month. This year’s emphasis is to educate parents on how to care for children’s teeth.

“The purpose is to raise awareness about the importance of oral health,” said Tech Sgt. Dilcia Kammermeyer, 56th DS dental technician. “The development of good dental habits and regular checkups give children an excellent start toward good hygiene that can last a lifetime.”

Children’s Dental Health Day was observed on Feb. 3, 1941, but it wasn’t until 1981 that the American Dental Association House of Delegates extended it to a month-long observance. This year the ADA celebrates its 76th year of National Children’s Dental Health Month and the 56th DS is having events throughout the month to promote dental health.

“The dental staff will educate the children on visiting the dentist,” Kammermeyer said. “Some children haven’t been to a dental clinic. We want to help them understand what to expect when they go for a visit.”

The 56th DS Airmen will be making visits to the Child Development Center and library to discuss with children the proper ways of dental care.

“We will have several stations with topics such as how to brush, how to floss, what a cavity is and what foods are healthy versus sugary snacks,” Kammermeyer said.

Children look up to their parents and it’s up to the parents to make sure they set a right example for them.

“It is very important for parents to get involved in their children’s dental health,” Kammermeyer said. “Children copy their parents. If they see parents floss, they will want to floss. We hope that we can give the tools necessary for parents to help their children prevent cavities.”