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  • Taking advantage of opportunities

    Have you ever had an opportunity come up in your Air Force career that you were unsure of? Has the thought of failure kept you away from your full potential?
  • Bo Knows: It’s the little things

    Members of the 62nd Fighter Squadron and 62nd Aircraft Maintenance Unit recently had the opportunity to visit the Chicago White Sox spring training facility at Camelback Ranch. Twelve pilots, maintainers and squadron aviation resource management technicians spent four hours interacting with players and coaches during a pre-game practice.
  • Commentary: Critical thinking is the way of the future

    Many people in leadership positions, be it military or civilian, say education is the way of the future and believe through education problems can be solved, efficiency improved and the mission completed. I came from that world, graduating cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management. I found my analytical and
  • Character

    Character is what's deep inside each of us, it’s who we are on a daily basis, it's who we are when things go well and more importantly, when things go wrong. It’s who we are when we're in leadership positions, as well as with the family in our living rooms. Character is our moral and ethical strength; it is who we are when no one is looking.
  • Academy celebrates African-American History

    This month, Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson, the superintendent of the Air Force Academy, signed a proclamation in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and African-American History Month. Throughout January and February, several events have and will take place to commemorate and encourage reflection upon the national MLK theme of “Remember! Celebrate!
  • Improve yourself

    As the Holidays rapidly approach, many of us will reflect on our past year in the Air Force to see if it was time well-spent. We may look back at all we've done or haven't done, and decide whether or not we feel fulfilled; whether or not we have contributed to the mission, to our families, and to our investment in the future, both individual and
  • Improve yourself

    As the Holidays rapidly approach, many of us will reflect on our past year in the Air Force to see if it was time well-spent. We may look back at all we've done or haven't done, and decide whether or not we feel fulfilled; whether or not we have contributed to the mission, to our families, and to our investment in the future, both individual and
  • Building likability as a leader

    With the multitude of professional development courses we as Airmen attend, I just wanted to hit on some regularly discussed leadership behaviors. That said, we should also be striving to improve as we grow as leaders at all levels. These tips can be helpful whether you are leading peers or subordinates. Actively working on the following behaviors
  • Looking back: Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution changed the economic systems of the world. Without this transition in technology, our military wouldn't be the same today. Europe was the first to thrive in this new revolution through economic and social reforms starting in the 1850s and quickly spread around the world. People became richer and people were able to work
  • Breaking 90%

    "Lee, get off my track!" the instructor yelled. The time clock showed that 21 minutes had passed. Everyone in my flight was finished with the mile and a half run except me. I didn't finish. Before that we had been mock tested on the sit-up and push-up portion of the test. I performed six sit-ups and zero push-ups--zero! I could not believe I was
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Today is #AdministrativeProfessionalsDay! 📝📚 Behind-the-scenes administrative personnel make the mission run smoothly. When was the last time you said thank you? 🎥: A1C Caroline Burnett
🚨Sleeve swap! 🚨 New OCP guidance! We will now place the squadron patch on the right sleeve along with the U.S. flag and move the higher headquarters patch to the left sleeve of the OCP. #NewSleeveNewMe For more information: https://www.afpc.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1821301/air-force-senior-leaders-update-ocp-uniform-guidance/ United States Air Force Air Education and Training Command Gen. David L. Goldfein CMSAF Kaleth O. Wright
⚔️Pilots Train Like Titans💪🏼 The TITAN Arena is a one-of-a-kind training facility with a dedicated Human Performance Team focusing on enhancing mission capabilities and providing quality of life measures for pilots in and out of the cockpit. Pulling Gs can have lasting effects that the team looks to prevent and eliminate to increase the lethality and longevity of our fighter pilots. 🎥: A1C Caroline Burnett
#Thunderbolts, today is #EarthDay! 🌎 See how the 56th Range Management Office’s Environmental Science Management Flight does their part by managing the endangered Sonoran Pronghorn at the Barry M. Goldwater Range East! Let’s all lend a hand and do our part to protect our home and make it beautiful! 🌞 #GlobalDealForNature https://www.luke.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1820896/earth-day-2019-protect-our-species/
Let us know if you are running short on eggs for your hunt! We can always make a couple runs!🐣
It’s #F16Saturday, Thunderbolts⚡️! It’s getting hot! But it’s hard to hate the ☀️ when it makes us look this good. 😎
🐰Welcome to the EGG’stravaganza! 🐣 Families gathered at Fowler Park for balloons, bounce houses, and the Easter Bunny! LukeEvents
Belly of the beast!⚡️ 📸: A1C Aspen Reid #F35Friday
In case you didn’t catch the forecast today, we got you covered. 😉 📸: Mr. Richard McManus
#DYK: The Luke A&FRC is the focal point for United States Air Force family matters? Providing more than 13 programs and services to ensure Airmen and their families remain #fittofight! Read the article below or like their page! 📰: SrA Caleb Worpel https://www.luke.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1817761/afrc-keeps-airmen-resilient-fit-to-fight/
If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, visit the #desertdestination of Wickenburg! 🤠🐎 #visitwickenburg 📸: SrA Caroline Burnett
Congrats to the winners of the Load Crew Competition! 🛠 • The 61st Aircraft Maintenance Unit won the competition by loading inert munitions onto their respective aircraft in the shortest amount of time with the highest level of accuracy! • 📸: SrA Caleb Worpel, A1C Aspen Reid, Airmen Brooke Moeder
Air Education and Training Command is live streaming their Lt. Col. Cole memorial service this Thursday, April 18th at 1 p.m. If interested, set a reminder and tune in to honor this legend!
Today marks a huge milestone for the F-35 Lightning II ⚡️! “When it comes to having a ‘quarterback’ for the coalition joint force, the inter-operable F-35A is clearly the aircraft for the leadership role,” - Gen. David L. Goldfein, Chief of Staff of the Air Force
Who will win the Load Crew of the Quarter??👩‍🔧👨‍🔧 Make sure to check back tomorrow for more photos from the day!🔧✈️
Felt cute, might spread some freedom later... idk. 📸: SrA Caleb Worpel . . . #FeelingCuteChallenge #F35Friday
"Google can bring you back 100,000 answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one." 📖 This quote by Author Neil Gaiman happens to be the favorite of Luke Library's new director, Jennifer Crowell. Welcome to Team 56 Jennifer! 🎉 📰📸: Amn Brooke Moeder
GO GET'EM! 🐕🦹‍♂️ Working Dogs from across the valley competed in the Desert Dog Trials, but guess who came out on top? 😉 #NationalPetDay 📸📰: A1C Aspen Reid https://www.luke.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1811231/lukes-mwds-participate-in-2019-desert-dog-trials/
In April we celebrate our little Thunderbolts⚡️ in the Month of the Military Child celebration! 📸: A1C Leala Marquez
Air Force officials released the results of a site inspection that assessed the potential for PFOS and PFOA presence in ground and surface water stemming from past firefighting activities. Drinking water on base at Luke AFB and Gila Bend AFAF remains safe for human consumption. For the full article, please go to https://www.luke.af.mil/PFOS-PFOA-Information/ For more information on the Air Force wise response to PFOS/PFOA please visit the Air Force Civil Engineer Center at https://www.afcec.af.mil/WhatWeDo/Environment/Perfluorinated-Compounds/
A military member assigned to Luke Air Force Base was involved in a shooting incident off base August 18. The Airma… https://t.co/QOPLtaZP59
Happy #F35Friday!! Who’s seen one of these beauties over Luke AFB before? Photo//TSgt Jensen Stidham https://t.co/qr8mv0I8WN
The Arizona dust doesn’t hinder the 56th Civil Engineering Squadron Airmen from completing the mission! After all,… https://t.co/YfGSiIwEJY
Today some of our amazing #f35 pilots flew a missing man formation over a funeral at Luke AFB in #honor of a retire… https://t.co/qiuBCkznPt
Leaving the military? The SkillsBridge program, offered by the education office can help members successfully trans… https://t.co/umap7LRpIx
The singing of the national anthem is a traditional part of many ceremonies and events in our nation, and several A… https://t.co/PYGFMOrnzb
Do you ever wonder how #cyber #security technicians protect the network? They play a huge role in keeping our #F35shttps://t.co/E4EaLzQ6fU
Pilot Helmet Fitting part 2! The #f35 helmet needs to fit just right for a #fighter #pilot to do their job! https://t.co/C6ZcN3odh5
DYK: Yesterday was “Work Like a Dog” day! 🐶 Show us your good boys and girls in the comments! #dogs #worklikeadoghttps://t.co/b61fqbu22D
SLOWMO MONDAY! Also, did you know it’s “Work Like a Dog” Day?! #slowmomomday #worklikeadogday https://t.co/3Ppmt6QKS0
It’s #F35Friday! Have you ever seen a jet upside down?! https://t.co/GsxE8pDEgT
THROWBACK THURSDAY This North American P-64 in flight over Luke Field, AZ in the 1940s! #throwbackthursday https://t.co/6GF3vYfyBE
Some more amazing photos from our #f35demoteam! Which one is your favorite? https://t.co/z0JeZEN6CV
RT @AETCommand: HAPPENING NOW: The #AETC change of command ceremony is underway at @JBSA_Official-Randolph as Lt. Gen. Brad Webb takes the…