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56th Maintenance Group


Mission: Our warriors provide safe, reliable aircraft, equipment, and munitions to train the world's finest F-16 pilots and crew chiefs.


Commercial phone number: (623) 856-5700

Organizational email: 56mxg.cc@us.af.mil



Col. Gregory Hutson


The 56th Maintenance Group provides aircraft maintenance on more than 138 F-16s for the Air Force's only active duty F-16 training wing. The 56th Maintenance Group generates more than 25,000 sorties compiling 32,000 flight hours per year, which plays a pivotal role in conducting the safe and efficient training for more than 350 pilots every year. As the largest maintenance group in the Air Force, the 56th Maintenance Group consists of 2,200 members operating on an annual budget of $161 million to maintain the F-16s and engines-assets, which are valued at more than $5 billion. The 56th Maintenance Group also directly contributes to Luke's second mission: training more than 3,000 maintenance technicians and 1,000 Mission Ready F-16 crew chiefs each year.




Commercial phone number: (623) 856-9199

Organizational email: 56amxs.tss@us.af.mil


Lt. Col. Charles Ploetz

The 56th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron provides intermediate and flight line maintenance for 25 F-16C/D and 70 F-35A aircraft valued at $9 billion. Manned with over 650 active duty, civilians, contractors and 100+RSAF maintainers, the squadron's primary focus is to ensure mission-ready aircraft are maintained to support basic F-16 and F-35 pilot training for U.S. Air Force active and reserve components, Republic of Singapore Air Force, Taiwan Air Force and partner nations Australia, Italy, Norway and Turkey. In order to accomplish this task, the squadron is divided into five Aircraft Maintenance Units supporting their associated fighter squadrons. The Aircraft Maintenance Units are the 21st Aircraft Maintenance Unit "Gamblers," the 61st Aircraft Maintenance Unit "Top Dogs," 62nd Aircraft Maintenance Unit "Spikes," 63rd Aircraft Maintenance Unit "Panthers," and 425th Aircraft Maintenance Unit "Black Widows."



Mission: We Train the World's Greatest Fighter Pilots and Combat Ready Airmen


Commercial phone number: (623) 856-4415

Organizational email: 756amxs.ccqa@us.af.mil



Major Edward Romero


The 756th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron "Jaguars" is responsible for maintaining 52 F-16 Block 25 & Block 42 aircraft and resources valued at more than $1.3 billion. 
The 756th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron provides direct support to the 56th Fighter Wing to meet its mission.  The squadron supports  F-16s to allow pilots to fly in multiple configurations, day or night.  The squadron also provides aircraft for Night Vision Imaging System training and enabled the success of the "only" medium altitude navigation and targeting infrared for night and forward air control-airborne training squadron in the Air Force.
The squadron's is comprised of three Aircraft Maintenance Units: 308th Aircraft Maintenance Unit "Emerald Knights", 309th Aircraft Maintenance Unit "Wild Ducks" and the 310th Aircraft Maintenance Unit "Top Hats."
The 756th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron is currently standing-up the 308th Aircraft Maintenance Unit “The Emerald Knights” with an initial operational capability date in 2019. Our Squadron is currently completing the acquisition of the equipment necessary to ensure F-35 aircraft operations. The Emerald Knights’ Aircraft Maintenance Unit will focus on training F-35 pilots and maintenance personnel. The newest aircraft maintenance unit to the 756th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron will be housed in a 47,310 square feet maintenance complex  valued at $33 million.  Our newest facility will support 26 F-35 aircraft valued at $3.4 billion.






Mission:  We build the future of airpower by providing safe and reliable aircraft maintenance, specialized component repair, and maintenance operational support.


Commercial phone number: (623) 856-5762

Organizational email: 56CMS.CC@us.af.mil



Maj. Julia Mafnas


During the Vietnam War, Pacific Air Forces constituted and activated the 56th Armament and Electronics Maintenance Squadron on 16 March 1967. The squadron was organized on 8 April 1967 at Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand and was assigned to the 56th Air Commando (later, 56th Special Operations) Wing. On 1 January 1969, it was redesignated as the 56th Avionics Maintenance Squadron. The unit was inactivated on 15 July 1974. While in Thailand, the squadron earned 12 Campaign Streamers, 3 Presidential Unit Citations, 3 Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards with Combat "V" Device, and a Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm. The unit reactivated on 30 June 1975 at MacDill AFB, Florida. Assigned to the 56th Tactical Fighter (later, 56th Tactical Training, 56th Fighter Wing), the squadron was redesignated as the 56th Component Repair Squadron on 15 June 1977. The squadron was inactivated on 1 November 1991. When the wing moved to Luke AFB, Arizona, on 1 April 1994, the squadron reactivated and assigned to the 56th Logistics (later, 56th Maintenance) Group. On 27 September 2002, the unit was redesignated as the 56th Component Maintenance Squadron. Today, the squadron provides specialized component repair of Propulsion, Avionics, Accessories, and Test, Measurement, & Diagnostics Equipment systems to train the world's finest F-16 and F-35 pilots.

On January 1, 2018, the Component Maintenance Squadron absorbed Maintenance Operations, which was previously part of the MXG staff. Maintenance Operations has brought the functions of Quality Assurance, Plans & Scheduling, Analysis, Maintenance Training, Engine Management, Maintenance Operations Control, and Weapons Standardization to the 56 Component Maintenance Squadron. Although the 56th Maintenance Operations Squadron inactivated in July 1, 2013, Maintenance Operations has been involved in supporting a mission that has been identified with Luke AFB for more than 53 years: training combat aircrews second to none.





Mission: Our warriors provide safe and reliable aircraft, equipment, munitions, and maintenance to train the world's greatest fighter pilots and combat ready Airmen.


Commercial phone number: (623) 856-5701

Organizational email: 56ems.cmd.adm.ss@us.af.mil



Major Richard Wille


Provides intermediate and flight line maintenance, phase inspection, structural repair, fabrication, low observables repair, transient alert, aerospace ground equipment, aircraft wheels and tires, aircraft armament system repair, and munitions operations in support of five USAF flying squadrons, two FMS flying squadrons, foreign Joint Strike Fighter partners, and other base agencies.





The 56th Maintenance Operations Squadron was first activated on 20 May 1943 as the 56th Station Complement Squadron at Atterbury Army Air Field, Indiana. On 10 August 1943, the squadron was reassigned to Camp Patrick Henry, Virginia, where it remained for less than 1 month while awaiting reassignment to the air war in Europe. The squadron joined the Allied war effort in Europe on 15 September 1943 when it arrived at Wattisam, England.


In England the unit was involved in supporting Allied combat operations against an armed opposing enemy force. After the total defeat of the Axis Powers and the end of World War II, the unit was deactivated on 21 November 1945 while assigned at Hitcham, England. The unit was activated again on 1 November 1991 as the 56th Logistics Support Squadron at MacDill AFB, Florida, and assigned to the 56th Logistics Group, all under the command jurisdiction of the 56th Tactical Training Wing. Here the unit was involved in providing support for the combat aircrew training operations of its parent wing.


As part of a move by senior USAF leadership to ensure the most highly decorated units in the service's history remained part of the active fighter force during a time of Department of Defense wide drawdown, the squadron, as well as all 56th Fighter Wing units were reassigned to Luke AFB, Arizona, on 1 April 1994. On 27 September 2002, the squadron was redesignated as the 56th Maintenance Operations Squadron as part of a major Air Force reorganization. Today, the 56th Maintenance Operations Squadron is involved in supporting a mission that has been identified with Luke AFB for more than 53 years: training combat aircrews second to none. The 56th Maintenance Operations Squadron was awarded the 2003 Air Force Maintenance Effectiveness Award.


The 56th Maintenance Operations Squadron inactivated July 1, 2013, and the squadron's functions became part of the MXG staff.


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