Flu POD for readiness (and points!) at the Thunderbolt Cup

LUKE AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz.— -- It’s that time of year again, for Airmen to get their flu shot. On Sept. 28, 2017 during the Thunderbolt Cup, the Influenza Vaccine Point of Distribution exercise will be held in the Youth Center Gym at Building 1143.

“The point of the exercise is to see how quickly we can distribute a vaccine or medication if there was an outbreak or an immediate need,” said Staff Sgt. Rebekah Crosswhite, 56th Medical Operations Squadron medical technician. “The Flu POD exercise is important because if we had an outbreak we would want to vaccinate all of our people as soon as possible to get everyone protected.”

The exercise will take place during this year’s Thunderbolt Cup as it is the best time to get the active duty populous at Luke in one central location at the same time.

“On Thursday, units will have times slotted for units to come in and bring as many of their people as they can,” Crosswhite said. “Units will actually accumulate points for what percentage of their people get through their appointed slot. The goal is to get everyone. We have the full capacity to do so and will have 12 stations running for four hours from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. pushing people through as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Crosswhite explained that there will be a medical screening where Airmen get briefed prior to getting the shot. There won’t be any distribution of the nasal flu mist this year.

Airmen can check which time their respective units are scheduled to be vaccinated from the list below:

0845-56th SFS
0900-56th MDG/56th CONS/ 56th FW
0915-56th MDG/56th AMXS
0930-56th AMXS
0945-56th AMXS/56th LRS
1000-56th LRS
1015-56th FSS
1030-56th EMS
1045-56th EMS
1100-56th CMS
1115-56th CES
1130-756th AMXS
1145-56th OSS/56th CS
1200-56th MXG/56th CPTS
1215-607th ACS
1230-372nd TRS/ 61st FS/56th CS/309th FS/310th FS/62nd FS/56th TRS/56th OG/ACC TSS/4 FI/56th MSG/425th FS/AF Legal/63rd FS/ANG Readiness
1245-372nd TRS/61st FS/56th CS/309th FS/310th FS/62nd FS/56th TRS/56th OG/ACC TSS/ 4 FI/56th MSG/425th FS/AF Legal/63rd FS/ANG Readiness
1300-POD Closes