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Getting involved can help prevent sexual assault

LUKE AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz. -- There are often warning signs before sexual assault is committed and bystanders can assist in deterring sexual crime by halting problem behaviors early on, before they escalate. 

Bystanders can accomplish this by taking action which conveys sexual assault is a crime that will not be tolerated. 

How bystanders can make a difference
·   Express disapproval if someone tells you they had sex with someone who was passed out or who didn't give consent. 

·   While at a party or bar, watch drinks to ensure no one slips something in. If you see someone's drink get spiked with drugs or alcohol, tell the person. 

·   Always leave with the same people you came with and never leave someone behind. 

·   If a friend is intoxicated, ensure they get home safely by walking or driving them home. In addition, help protect others who are intoxicated even if you don't know them well. 

·   If you suspect someone has been drugged or is at risk for being sexually assaulted, call the 56th Security Forces Squadron at (623) 856-5970 or 911.