Show up, get involved, stay faithful to commitment

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Yolanda Kain
  • 56th Force Support Squadron

As an Airman at a new base, it can be confusing to figure out how to meet new people, develop yourself in your career and get involved.


Luckily, Luke Air Force Base has many organizations that can help you navigate through not only how to develop yourself professionally, but help you network and make new friends.


Some of those same organizations you can play a pivotal role in, such as Unit Advisory Council, Luke Empowering Airman’s Development, Focus 56 and the Top 3.  You name it we have it. You can learn about opportunities available to you by being involved. 


So, how do you get started?  Ask your leadership how to get involved, show up to the meetings and be proactive.  Base organizations provide opportunities to volunteer, lead, manage programs and organize events. They play a large part in the many positive ties and connections that we see on base and out in the community.


Another positive outcome of being part of these organizations is meeting others and learning what their career fields bring to the mission.  From troubleshooting your computer, assisting you through the defense travel system or finding an answer within the many Air Force Instructions, you will never know how valuable it is to have a communications, comptroller or personnelist acquaintance.          


These organizations offer great opportunities for growth, but when you make a commitment to one, it’s important to keep that commitment. Planning and coordinating events takes networking, management and manpower. One of the biggest struggles with these organizations is lack of participation or follow-through on the part of those who drop out at the last minute.  This hampers the positive outcomes and adds unneeded stress to those counting on everyone’s participation. Being a good Airman means showing up to assist when you’ve raised your hand to volunteer indicating you’re all in. Not showing up results in being labeled as unreliable.


Lastly, don’t wait for opportunities to fall in your lap. Get up, get out there, be proactive and find something you like to do.