Pursue education for career’s sake

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. MICHAEL GORSKE
  • 56th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Everyone knows education can be a good bullet on an enlisted performance report, but few know the true value of an education in regard to a military career.

The pursuit of an education can be just as valuable as the degree acquired at the end. The knowledge acquired in the pursuit of an education can shape the way one does business. The piece of paper we call a degree has a number of implications that can set you apart from the rest.

Pursuing an education may be a challenge at first. After taking a couple classes, they gradually become easier. The reality of the situation is, the classes did not become easier, but the individual taking the classes has become better at time management or has acquired skills to pass the class. Turning in papers on time, doing assignments, or progressively working on projects all while balancing a military career and social life takes practice and dedication. In order to complete many of the assignments, the individual may have to learn office programs and computer skills including Access, Excel, Word, Power Point and how to type.

By the time an individual completes an education, the time management balancing act and computer use has become second nature, and the individual is instinctively applying this to all aspects of life to include a military career.

No matter what education one pursues, the knowledge learned is going to affect the person's perception of the world. This new perspective can positively change how business is done. If one pursues management or business, they can directly apply that information to how things should be run and attempt to implement a system of efficiency. If the education pursued is not related to what one does in a career, the unique perspective given by that education is still valuable.

Ideas and improvements can take shape and stem from things unrelated or not yet connected.

Depending on the type of education pursued, one may be rewarded with a piece of paper known as a degree, license or certificate. This paper is a symbol of hard work and dedication and can be used to boost one's footing when it comes to packages and career opportunities both in and out of the military. A bachelor's degree can provide an enlisted person with the opportunity to acquire a commission. This paper may also boost the confidence of its holder or provide the holder special rights in the case of a license.

One can use education as a bullet for an enlisted performance report, but do not forget the true value of having an education. The skills acquired pursuing an education are priceless. Changing one's perspective through education can change the way things are done and the ideas that are formed. Lastly, acquiring a degree, certificate or license can be a door to opportunities in and out of the military.