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Vehicle stickers making comeback

LUKE AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz. -- Luke has undergone privately owned vehicle registration changes this year. Many of these changes, directed by Headquarters, Air Force Education and Training Command security forces, are based on shortages of the DD Form 2219, Registered Vehicle Expiration Tabs. Luke leadership is determined to meet Air Force security requirements and provide the most convenient method possible for all permanent party and visiting personnel to register their vehicles. As a result, all personnel assigned to Luke are required to register their vehicles by Dec. 31. 

Vehicles entering Air Force installations must be registered and meet all other entry requirements. 

Base Registration of POVs for permanently assigned Luke members is mandatory within 15 days of arrival to the installation. Permanently assigned Luke members are required to have a DD Form 2220 affixed to the lower left portion of the windshield of their registered vehicle. 

Permanently assigned personnel have two options for registering the vehicles at Luke. The first, and recommended method, is for the member to proceed to their orderly room or commander support staff and present current vehicle registration, auto insurance, driver's license and a military identification card. Commander support staffs are trained on how to register vehicles and have supplies of DD Form 2220s. The second method of vehicle registration is to take all of the same documents identified above to the Lightning Gate pass and registration office. Security Forces personnel can conduct the registration process there. 

Additionally, starting Dec. 31, emphasis will be placed on proper registration of recreational vehicles, trailers and boats. The only approved temporary location for parking the above listed vehicles is the RV parking lot adjacent to the government vehicle fuel pumps. Also, all oversized vehicles and vehicles with trailers are required to get an AF Form 75, and keep it displayed in their windshield or dashboard area. If the trailer, RV or boat is detached from the vehicle, the AF Form 75 must be affixed to the trailer, RV or boat in a clear plastic protector. Failure to comply with this requirement could result in towing and impounding of the vehicle. Security Forces must be able to identify ownership of trailers, RVs and boats.

The following vehicle decal descriptions will help you meet Luke's vehicle registration requirements. 

- DD FORM 2220: This form is blue and white in color, and is the actual vehicle registration. It identifies the military member under which the vehicle is registered. Additionally, this form identifies the vehicle type, make and model. 

- DD FORM 2219: Identifies the validity of a vehicle's registration. This tab has a suffix "series" corresponding to a particular vehicle's year of expiration. Vehicle registration will be revalidated by issuing a different "series" at a minimum of every three years. 

- RANK IDENTIFIER: This decal is red, yellow, blue and green in color. Its purpose is to give general guidance as to which rank structure the vehicle is registered. 

Finally, personnel who are on temporary duty to Luke and are operating rental vehicles or personnel permanently assigned to Luke who are operating rental vehicles will be required to show the rental vehicle agreement along with their ID card to be granted entry to the installation.