Instill Pride in Luke Air Force Base

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Tom Jones
  • 56th Fighter Wing
As I look around the installation, I am incredibly proud of the men and women who accomplish our mission of training the world's greatest fighter pilots and maintainers while deploying mission ready warfighters. This mission couldn't be accomplished without your professionalism, commitment and pride. Pride comes in many forms - such as the way we wear our uniform, the effort we put into our jobs, the professionalism we display, and the respect we show one other. Pride associated with mission accomplishment is evident throughout the base - but pride in being an Airman in our United States Air Force also requires that you take care of the areas in which you live, work and play. As valued members of the largest fighter wing in our Air Force, I ask for your support in launching an initiative called "It's My Base" to rekindle pride in the appearance of Luke Air Force Base and the professionalism of its members.

You can quickly get wrapped up in today's challenging environment and mission priorities, as evidenced with our more than 290 Luke members deployed worldwide supporting the Global War on Terrorism. Make no mistake; our Airmen are heavily committed to fighting and winning this war. As Thunderbolts, you have much to be proud of but let's not neglect the home front - I want you to be proud of Luke Air Force Base and everyone that works and lives here - it's your base.

As we kick off the "It's My Base" campaign, I challenge each of you to take a look around and find ways to make improvements.

For instance, instead of walking past litter at the base exchange and commissary parking lots, take time to pick it up and place it in appropriate receptacles. It's surprising how much debris is scattered after high winds and heavy monsoon rains and how many people choose to walk around it rather than pick it up.

Take pride in your government residence. Pick up old newspapers in your driveway to keep them from accumulating; throw trash bags in trash receptacles, not on the side of the curb. This is our community - let's keep it neat and clean.

Be good stewards of the environment by recycling your cans and paper items. There are appropriate recycle areas throughout the base available for your convenience.

Take pride in honoring our flag and military customs. Render proper respect as reveille, retreat and taps are played. Don't gather inside doors of buildings before these ceremonies are played over the Giant Voice system to avoid having to stand at attention or salute.

These are just a few of many endeavors you can do to help make Luke a better place at which to work and live. "It's My Base" is an attitude and approach to professional pride and base appearance that I hope will influence the actions you take as part of your daily routine. You all have a stake in this and I need your help to ensure Luke retains its great reputation as a world class location and organization.