CAP members fill gap at Luke

LUKE AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz -- Richard Frazier is a busy man. Not only has he spent the last 22 years as a member of the Civil Air Patrol, but he dedicated 25 years to the Coast Guard Auxiliary, another all-volunteer organization.

Now, Mr. Frazier is providing his services to Luke AFB as the first participant in the Volunteer Support to the Air Force program, which is designed to augment Air Force manpower in non-combat roles. Mr. Frazier volunteered to videotape the 309th Fighter Squadron change-of-command ceremony on May 23.

"The CAP commander asked me if I would be willing to videotape the ceremony, and I said, yes," Mr. Frazier said. "I still have video equipment from my business that is just gathering dust so this was a good opportunity to use it."

Also known as Lt. Col. Richard Frazier, Arizona Wing banking director, he considers video production his third career -- his first was as a schoolteacher and the second as an agricultural engineer.

Major Adam Such, CAP local group commander, accompanied Mr. Frazier as a second volunteer to support the change of command. He joined the Civil Air Patrol 17 years ago as a cadet. In addition to monitoring five squadrons in the Phoenix area and one in Yuma as the group commander, he is also the VSAF coordinator for the state and works for Grand Canyon Helicopters.

"Our VSAF partnership with CAP members in support of our mission will pay great dividends well into the 21st century," said Del Rubi, 56th Range Management Office operations assistant and VSAF coordinator. "Mr. Frazier and Mr. Such are providing an invaluable service that would go unfulfilled while Luke members are otherwise employed."